Sexual Assault, Hospital & S.A.N.E.

¨ A 24 hour hotline for survivors

(845) 628-2166.


¨ Individual and group counseling for        victims/survivors and families.


¨ Sexual Assault survivor support groups


¨ specially trained advocates to assist        victims through the exam and trauma 


¨ specially trained nurses and medical        personnel to provide compassionate      medical examinations


¨ Court, legal, & police advocacy, if you      choose to press charges

Hospital Advocacy

¨ specially trained advocates to                   assist victims through the exam and         trauma of domestic violence or sexual       assault


¨ specially trained nurses and medical          personnel to provide compassionate        medical examinations following a            domestic violence or sexual                    assault/rape incident 

A program that has nurses, and other  specially trained  personnel to provide compassionate, individualized
care to victims of rape and/or sexual assault while gathering the forensic evidence vital to law enforcement and prosecution.


A program that provides specific health services, education and  counseling to the victim and to significant others.


A program that provides specially trained Rape Crisis Advocates who are available to provide assistance and ongoing support to victims of rape and/or sexual assault. The Advocate can offer information, referrals and options.


For further information, to speak to someone or schedule and appointment call 845-628-9284


If you are currently experiencing a life threatening emergency please call 911.


If you are a victim of domestic violence or other related crimes and want or need assistance please call our 24 hour Crisis Hotline at 845-628-2166 


All Services and Programs are free (no charge) and information is kept confidential.  

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