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Ways to Donate


To Make a Cash Donation click here


-Sponsoring the Organization collect funds or give a donation on behalf of your company, corporation or business that will help fund the organization.


-Corporate matching/giving employees give a donation that are matched by the corporations. 


-Grants (send and RFP) to our executive director to invite us to apply for a grant that will assist in the financial needs of the organization. 

Our volunteer program is the fabric of our agency; with the support of our volunteers we are able to provide the necessary services to our clients that support their needs.


-Hosting a Fundraising Event the Organization are always needed and allows our clients the opportunity to purchase items of need such as clothing, food, tolietries, etc. 


Our agency also offers a number of community service and internship opportunities.  


-Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence



-Community Service Volunteers 

 (for adolescents/teens ages 14-18)


-Administrative volunteers 


-Fundraising/Events volunteers 


-Internships: for individuals who are           interested in completing a high school     or college internship for credit at our       agency.

Gift Card Donations

Gift cards are always needed and beneficial to individuals and families who are going through a temporary hardship and are in need of food, clothing and tolietries etc..


Gift cards can also be used to purchase new household items for the shelter.


You can host a "gift card drive" anytime throughout the year or just purchase a single gift card. Any gift card donation is welcomed and needed.  


Cards most needed are...

-Food Cards (Shoprite, Stop-n-Shop)

-Gas cards (Shell, BP, Citgo, etc.)

-Visa, Mastercards or Amex gift cards

-Target, Walmart, K-Mart, Kohls, Sears

-Home Depot

-CVS, Riteaid 

Wish List &

Items of Need

-New Household Items are always needed and give our clients/residents the opportunity to obtain needed items such as clothing, food, tolietries, etc.  


-New School Supplies: many of our shelter residents are short term (90 days or less)thus our shelter is a revolving door of children in need of school supplies during their stay at the shelter.


-New Bedding such as sheets, towels, blankets, pillow cases, pillows (we cannot accept used items and must replace these items everytime a new resident and their family enters the shelter.

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