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Case Management Services


What is Case Management

Case Management refers to the process of continually assessing the needs of the families, in an effort to address any barriers, hardships, or concerns that preclude these identified needs from being met. 

Case Managers arrange and advocate with ongoing community supports and organizations to address the housing, medical, vocational, and educational needs of the families that we serve. 

Case Management Services

  • Provides assistance with attaining long term goals & connection to various services to overcome obstacles and resolve issues resulting from victimization.


  • Provides information & referrals to assist victims with accessing community services related to:

  1. housing 

  2. temporary assistance 

  3. food 

  4. medical care 

  5. insurance benefits

  6. identifying employment need

  7. educational needs

  • Acts as a liazon between internal and external services


  • Provides information and referrals 

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