Court/Legal advocacy provides 

assistance and accompaniment through the legal and criminal process and procedures.


This includes the assistance in completing an Order of Protection and the court process.


Legal referralto legal aid/assistance.


Personal Advocacy provides assistance and accompaniment through educational, employment, medical, CPS, DSS and other personal issues or concerns.


Sexual Assault Advocacy provides assistance and accompaniment to hospitals, during rape exams and advocacy and assistance during the criminal process.

Life Skills & other Resources 

· Information & Referral

· Resources on Women’s Issues

· Workshops

· Individual and Group Short-term       Counseling

· Legal Consultation -  Workshops

· Education and Career Counseling

· Women in Transition (separation &   divorce)

Individual Counseling & Therapy

Individuals meet with a licensed professional to discuss immediate and ongoing issues, to develop problem solving and coping skills.

· Our emergency shelter is a 15 bed home that is open 24 hours a day 7 days per week


· The shelter provides housing and transitional services to women and children who require a safe and secure environment while they go through the process of relocating to a safe location. 


· Residents of the shelter generally stay 90 days during which time they receive personal advocacy such as assistance and accompaniment through educational, employment, medical, DSS , housing and other personal issues or concerns that may arise.


Domestic Violence Support Group - Year round, drop-in group for women who have experienced or are experiencing physical, verbal or emotional abuse.


Women in Transition– Year Round group for women going through a separation or divorce.


Empowerment Group-Year round,  a growth oriented program to address women’s concerns including self-esteem, boundaries, goal setting, stress management & effective communication.


Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse offered Fall and Spring a group for women who have experienced sexual assault or rape.


"Growing Beyond Survival"-A women's support group to empower survivors of partner abuse to grow beyond surviving. 


Legal Clinics-Meet with an attorney to discuss and Review of NYS Divorce Laws.

· 24 Hour Hotline for Victims of

  Domestic Violence (845) 628-2166

· Shelter for battered women and their     children

· Domestic Violence Support Groups

· Individual Counseling and therapy


·  24 Hour Hotline for Survivors of Sexual Assault

   (845) 628-2166

· Individual and Group Counseling for victims/

  survivors and their significant  others

·  Sexual Trauma Group

·  S.A.N.E. Program

For further information, to speak to someone or schedule and appointment call 845-628-9284


If you are currently experiencing a life threatening emergency please call 911.


If you are a victim of domestic violence or other related crimes and want or need assistance please call our 24 hour Crisis Hotline at 845-628-2166 


All Services and Programs are free (no charge) and information is kept confidential.  

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